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01:01am 01/03/2009
mood: distressed
Got laid off yesterday....sucks.
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07:43pm 29/08/2008
mood: crushed
We very suddenly had to put our 2 year old puppy to sleep Wednesday night, life is not happy right now...

New Job Interview   
05:36pm 03/06/2008
mood: excited
Well my overly extended temp job (went in for 4 months, lasted over 10) abruptly ended last friday, but I wasn't that sad as I needed a better job anyhow. I have an interview tomorrow morning at a new place, so wish me luck!
For Sale pt. 2   
03:10pm 06/04/2008
mood: drained
Ok so I hate asking for any kind of help, but there's nothing else I can do at this point. We are at the point where Jesse will have to take his second week of work off because we can't afford the gas for him to drive there since he doesn't get his first paycheck until the end of the week. I raided my house for things to sell, unfortunately, most of it is the kind of stuff to sell person to person and nothing I can take to a resaller, so here it goes. If you are interested in any of this please let me know. Thanks guys.

Here's what I found so farCollapse )
For Sale   
03:28pm 30/03/2008
mood: nervous
So we really need some money to help Jesse have enough gas to keep his new job until he gets paid. To that end I raided our liquor cabinet from the days of working at the liquor store and came up with a boxed bottle of 18yr old MacAllan single malt scotch, which usually retails for about $150. I'm offering it up here for $100.

Help us keep our rent paid! :)

*obviously this applies to persons of legal drinking age only* :D
01:21pm 06/03/2008
mood: sick
Is it weird that I was fairly happy with this amount? :)

bedroom toys
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11:44pm 28/02/2008
mood: apathetic
It seems every single time in the past two years things have become stable, not even great necessarily, just where we can actually "make it" in life, something happens to take that away. We managed two whole days of uncrappy this time. I'm so tired of the struggle.
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Alexa Rocks!   
12:10am 22/10/2007
mood: nostalgic
She got me the complete first season of Fraggle Rock for my birthday!!! You can all be jealous now :)
11:09pm 16/10/2007
mood: irritated
Sometimes people pretty much suck.
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Zombie extras needed for movie   
06:35pm 23/07/2007
mood: amused
Came across this today and thought some of you might be interested.

WHAT: Bubba's Chili Parlor, a local "B" zombie movie

WHEN: July, 24, 2007 Starting between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. until dawn

WHERE: Will's Point, Texas- Darkwood Haunted Mall, and Tanglewood Marina

WHO: Volunteer Zombie extras, this means YOU.

There is no money involved. Your name will be in the credits. Minors need parents written permission to take part. There will be BBQ and drinks of all kinds. Be prepared to be in make-up, being gross, and slightly uncomfortable for periods of time.

Bring with you: Two sets of clothes or more depending on how many times you want to die as a zombie. At least one set to ride home in.

Contact: Celsiuslunafrost@ yahoo.com
New Temp Job   
11:37pm 20/07/2007
mood: shocked
So I'm sitting here at my temp job for the next week/month/who knows, and it pretty much rocks so far. Granted I've only been here for 45 minutes, but hey, how many of you are making $12 bucks an hour ($18 overtime) to sit around with 7 other people waiting for the phone to ring (hasn't once so far) and playing on the internet. I was really worried at first because it is 7 days a week since I am taking info from people wanting to file claims due the the recent flooding, but at this point I'm thinking the hardest part of my job is going to be staying awake later on since I took the 11pm to 7am shift. Yay overtime!
Party? Bueller?   
08:50pm 07/07/2007
mood: curious
Party time either this Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th, who's coming? What day is better for you? I need to know soon so I can finalize the free alcohol-ness!
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New Stuff   
03:29pm 15/05/2007
mood: contemplative
So the liquor store I'm working at is closing down which sucks, but on the bright side we still have a month left to go so I have a little time to find a new job while I'm still getting paid. Also, I started a new business on eBay, so everyone head on over and pay my bills, hehe. I know I only have a few items up now, but in the next 2 days I have at least 30 more things to add in there. Go check out my business!!!
Mexico madness   
02:56pm 17/02/2007
mood: amused
So we went to Mexico last weekend. Jesse's grandparents live near Brownsville, so we spent the weekend crossing the border and walking the beach in South Padre. I can't decide if the best part of the trip was walking down the streets of Progreso with his family and passing a guy who looked to be selling a huge pile of weed on the sidewalk, or our secret midnight excursion into Matamoros when Jesse asked the 11 year old kid trying to sell us roses at the car, "Donde esta las chicas locas?" while we were trying to find a strip club to go to. That's my man, corrupting todays youth one country at a time. :)
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08:32pm 13/12/2006
mood: satisfied
So today I signed my very first lease. Welcome to adulthood and electric companies trying to rape you, heh. Still a little miffed that my parents gave away my room, not that I was planning on moving back, having just signed a year lease, but it's still disconcerting. Anyhow, moving to commence now. Yay for us!
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Moving, Part II   
01:23am 01/12/2006
mood: jubilant
We are moving outta the ghetto! Yay for us! Anyhow, we will be moving in 2 weeks so there won't be much going out since we will be poor for a bit, but I'm super excited to be moving to a better place! Stay tuned in for the PARTY to celebrate this joyous occasion once we get moved in. :)
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09:20pm 18/11/2006
mood: pleased
So hopefully if everything goes according to plan we will be moving out of the ghetto next month around the 15th. Yay! Unfortunately we don't know where yet and so we will continue looking. If anyone knows of a decent place in the Arlington/Fort Worth area for $650 or less that has some type of fenced in yard area and accepts big dogs feel free to let me know. :)
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12:17am 22/10/2006
mood: pleased
Fun times, much drinking had by all, and Jesse even set someones pants on fire by accident. Good times. :)
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Job Help-iness   
05:07pm 15/10/2006
mood: pensive
Ok, so you guys were great last time I needed help finding a job by giving several suggestions, and in the end I found a great job. Well, now Jesse needs help as well, so please if you know of anyone hiring full or part time that either doesn't do background checks or doesn't care, please let me know so we can continue doing that crazy thing called paying the bills. Oh yeah, we live in Fort Worth and share a vehicle for now until he starts getting paid, then we can get his car street legal, so it needs to be close-ish to this area, unless someone in like Plano or some other far city just wants to pay mad amounts of cash, in which case I will gladly move out of the ghetto. Thanks.
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That's not my cereal.   
01:25pm 26/09/2006
mood: working
Yeah, so I wake up this morning and go downstairs to make something to eat, brain decides on cereal because I'm still sleepy and want to do as little work as possible. So I grab a bowl and turn to the freezer, open it, pull out the ice cube tray and deposit 3 or 4 cubes into my bowl, close the freezer door and open the fridge for the milk. Then I look closer and think...that's not the cereal I wanted. What a great way to start the day...
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